XOAuth2/OAuthBearer patches for Fetchmail

Matthew Ogilvie wrote patches to make Fetchmail 6 support xoauth2 which is compatible with OAuth2 and OAuthBearer.

I have updated these patches for recent releases:

fetchmail version date file size md5sum sha256sum
6.4.27 (patch also works on some earlier releases) Aug 10, 2021 18491 bytes 4e7648d3364878936977e74d4551ea58 e09771737bb588bd7918cdeb3166072c7679fe2002597ccfb79beabb7ca77837
6.5.0.beta7 Mar 1, 2022 18394 bytes 56ca24974abb653345bfaf79b8440357 98e0572ee50c6122338bf861911c526e484b85916a884dc4a5b61ff787dd109b

Andrew C Aitchison